Keywords: Kateryna Motrych, character, portrait, inner speech, retrospection, autobiography, novel, man


The art of K. Motrich belongs to the little-studied page of Ukrainian literature of the second half of the XX century. The writer debuted in the genre of novels and short stories, including a collection of «Sunfl owers» (1978), later appeared novels and stories («Time of the shortest shadow» (1982), «Before the temple of love and pain» (1989), the novel «Morning» (1987), «The Night After the Rise of the Sun» (2001). Despite the artistic value of K. Motrych, many aspects of her heritage are not yet suffi ciently stidued. In the national literature, in fact, there is no holistic and completed creative portrait of the writer. This situation is due, in our opinion, to the insignifi cant number of researches devoted to artistic searches K. Motrich. Literary-critical thought is presented in the foreword to the writer’s books and individual explorations in the periodicals. Separate attempts to analyze the creative work are available in scientifi c researches of modern literary critics H. Vapsniak, H. Novikova, H. Onufrik. The mentioned researchers almost did not disclose the genre and stylistic features of prose of K. Motrych in aspects of subjects and issues, composition, art modeling of characters and so on. The man’s artistic concept in the writer’s small prose has not been adequate analytical coverage. The article analyzes the concept of a man in a small prose of the writer on the parameters pointed out by V. Marco in his work «The basis of creative quest: Art concept of man in modern Ukrainian literature» (1987), among which: volume; the basic principles (lines); ideological and aesthetic aspects, in which personality is manifested and realized. It was found out that the concept of man in early works by K. Motrych is expressed primarily through the portrait and its details, autobiographical elements, internal monologues, artistic anthroponyms, and others like that. The creativity of the writer is imbued with moral motives. The author seeks to penetrate into the essence of nature, to understand. First of all, the writer is concerned with the problem of personality morality, as, for example, in the stories «Lyubistok in the moonlight evening», «June thunder», «Memory of the verve fi lial», etc. The attention of the author of the collection «Sunfl owers» is focused on depicting the lives of ordinary villagers. The basic principle of the artistic concept of man in a prose of K. Motrich is humanism. The collection testifi es to the fascination of the writer with beauty, goodness and vice versa – her organic intolerance to evil. The plane on which the connection of the artistic concept of a man with the ideological and thematic spectrum of a work is embodied in the stories of K. Motrych presents the nature in the womb of which the human soul is reborn.


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Yuliya Brodyuk - Candidate of Philological Sciences, senior lecturer of the chair of Ukrainian and foreign literature and methodology

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