The concept of the hero in the poetic work Lesia Ukrainka and Lina Kostenko

Keywords: concept, hero, poetry, creativity, woman, image, personality, reality, Lesia Ukrainka, Lina Kostenko.


The article considers the concept of the hero in the poetic works of Lesia Ukrainka and Lina Kostenko. Attention is drawn to the fact that the poetic work of Lesia Ukrainka and Lina Kostenko, their public activities is a significant contribution to the establishment and development of national spiritual values, raising the national spirit, strengthening the intellectual foundations of society in totalitarian censorship and dictatorship. The work of many poets is characterized by the image of an active lyrical hero. The lyrical heroine of Lesia Ukrainka’s and Lina Kostenko’s poems demands from a person moral self-improvement, personal responsibility for his actions and for everything that happens around him, urges him to overcome himself and work, search and make mistakes, get tired and dream of tomorrow. She values in man the moment of comprehension, the moment of discovery or enlightenment, the time of moral feat, it is characterized by Nietzschean rejection of human weaknesses. The lyrical heroine of the poetic works of Lesia Ukrainka and Lina Kostenko has the courage to preserve the independence of her inner world, to realize her autonomy in the world of people and things, and to take care of her own spiritual goal and enjoy it. The secret of human existence for her is not in the very fact of life, but in the name of what it exists. The concept of the hero in the poetry of Lesia Ukrainka, Lina Kostenko is most clearly expressed in the image of a woman and the development of the theme
of her purpose, her place in the world. Depicting her, the poets emphasize her traits such as determination, indomitable spirit, as well as tenderness, kindness, the ability to comfort and comfort. In the poetry of Lesia Ukrainka and Lina Kostenko there is a type of active woman of strong will, who seeks to overcome obstacles and change reality. In the works of Lesia Ukrainka, the ideal woman is mostly presented, and in the poems of Lina Kostenko – the real one, whose interests are conditioned by life. She is the bearer of traditional moral values that determine the essence of female identity – the desire to love, to be faithful. For the poetic work of Lesia Ukrainka and Lina Kostenko, the dominant image is not a woman passively in love, but energetic, active and determined, who shows a comprehensive interest in intellectual cognition and creativity. In contrast to the traditional female images of Ukrainian literature, the woman in the poetry of Lesia Ukrainka and Lina Kostenko seeks to realize herself as a person.


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