The role of landscape in the drama extravaganza “Forest Song” by Lesia Ukrainka

Keywords: landscape, drama extravaganza, image, character, character, psychologism, nature, will, Lesya Ukrainka.


The article analyzes the role of landscape in Lesya Ukrainka’s drama extravaganza “Forest Song”. It was found that the landscape in the drama plays an important multifunctional role, reflecting the patterns of poetics of the work. With the help of the landscape, the writer shades the semantic side of the drama, because the depiction of pictures of nature in their variability is deeply connected with the ideological content of the work. Landscape in the “Forest Song” is important in describing the circumstances, events that occur in the work. It plays the role of psychological parallelism, because with its help Lesya Ukrainka conveys the inner mental, emotional state of the heroes. In addition, the landscape highlights the existential issues of the work, illustrates the stages of moral rebirth of the characters. At the same time, the landscape combines symbolic meaning and creates a chronotope of drama.

Lesia Ukrainka’s “Forest Song” marks a new stage in the development of the verbal landscape. The writer addresses the theme of nature throughout
her work. Landscape sketches serve to enhance the drama, acquire psychological significance and become a means of artistic depiction of the inner world of man. Often the landscape in the works of Lesya Ukrainka becomes a form of expression of freedom-loving aspirations, as we see in the drama extravaganza. The functions performed by the landscape as one of the substantive elements of a literary work depend on the style of the author, the literary direction (trend) with which it is associated, the method of the writer and genre of the work. In “Forest Song” romantic landscape has its own characteristics: it serves as a means of creating an unusual, fantastic world of forest dwellers, which opposes the world of people. Saturation with bright and varied colors
makes the landscape emotional (hence the uniqueness of its details and images, often invented by the writer). The romantic landscape of the spring
overshadows Lukash’s melancholy, dreamy soul. Nature responds to the singing of his flute. Landscape in the drama reflects one of the central themes of romanticism – the dissonance between the dream and life itself, symbolizes the turmoil, shades the mood of the characters.


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