Dramatic works by Lesya Ukrainka on the stage of the student theater

Keywords: reading, a student theater, a project, dramatic works, Lesya Ukrainka


The issue of state importance has been brought up – the issue of reading an art book by modern youth, the issue of the impact of reading on the formation of a strong personality that Ukraine needs today.

It is noted that one of the reliable social institutions that form generations of young strong-willed patriots, people with analytical thinking, responsible, creative and highly moral, is the student theater. It is through the theater that young men and women are involved in reading and in books.

The experience of work of the student theater «Berehynia» of Berdychiv Pedagogical Professional College on the dramatic heritage of Lesya Ukrainka is analyzed and generalized. It is stated that this work is also relevant because of the writer’s anniversary: 2021 has been declared the year of the glorious daughter of the Ukrainian people.

It is accented that the project «Lesya Ukrainka’s Drama» has become a project not only of the theater, but also for the entire college. It is paid attention to the work with the audience which begins long before the performances. Preparing the audience for a serious perception of the play is the education. Firstly, it is the preparation of the attentive and respectful attitude of the audience to the actors and their acting and, secondly, it is the involvement of the actors themselves in reading.

The stages of preparation and implementation of this project are identified. Such forms and methods of work as conversation, quiz, role play, boo trailer, feedback, storytelling, scribing are described, the efficiency of their using during the work of amateur actors on the project is shown.

So, the quiz is based on Lesya Ukrainka’s dramas; and the conversation is offered at the preparatory stage – on the drama «Aisha and Mohammed»; the text of the trailer is based on the dramatic poem «In the Field of Blood».

The remarks of the actors after the premiere, the audience’s feedback on the performances of amateurs, the memories of former actors about their participation in the project are greatly worth.

It is emphasized on the beneficial effect of work in the theater, in particular in the implementation of the announced project, on the individual, on his growth and spiritual maturation, on the development of the emotional sphere, on the formation of a stable need to read an art book.

The conclusions testifying to the success of the proposed project and the expediency of its continuation are argued. The appendices are of particular value which are examples of these techniques. The appendices also contain an excerpt from the dramatic poem «Boyarynya» intended for staging – his is the last dialogue of a dying Ukrainian patriot with her husband – a man of weak will who betrayed himself and his people.

The prospect of further explorations on this topic is outlined, in particular, it is emphasized on the presentation of new forms of work in the theater in terms of distance learning.


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Tamara Babiychuck, Berdychiv Pedagogical Professional College

PhD in Pedagogics,

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