Metaphor in election topic of Ukrainian mass media

Keywords: language of mass media, Ukrainian journalistic, metaphorization, election-theater, election race, election rush, election-scenario.


An important postulate of modern linguistics is a discursive approach to the study of linguistic facts. Metaphors that function in language
should be considered in discourse, in close interaction with the conditions of their origin and formation, taking into account the author’s, pragmatic

Since the system of metaphorical models is an important part of the national linguistic picture of the world, the national mentality, it is important to
identify productive and relevant metaphorical models in each language, in particular to reveal the specifics of political metaphor.

In the texts of political discourse there are various metaphorical models that figuratively reproduce modern political realities, in particular the election
situation. Using a metaphorical model in the texts instead of a direct nomination, the author aims to direct the reader’s opinion in a given direction, tries to impose his system of assessments and views.

The study traces modern political discourse, which is rich in political metaphors, which figuratively characterize the election race and election-rush.
The vocabulary of newspaper periodicals is considered and the metaphorization in the subject of the election connected with a subject of wounds and illnesses is revealed.

The article considers theatrical metaphors, which are widespread in a variety of communication areas. The research shows that modern Ukrainian journalism is full of metaphorical lexems of elections and human feelings. Observing the metaphors that function in modern newspapers reveals the
relationship between a political event, its perception in the national consciousness and the corresponding system of figurative expression.
Metaphorical models are used as a means of manipulating the minds of readers. In journalistic discourse, it is a productive means of forming views and conceptualizing of socio-political events. During the presidential election the metaphors are widely used.


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Alla Ovsiіenko, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University

Postgraduate student

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