Integration study of historical and literary monographic topics in the process of future the teachers of the ukrainian language training

Keywords: historical and literary monographic topics, future teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature, interdisciplinary integration at the content level, integration at the activity level, algorithm for viewing multimedia presentations, integration and literary competence.


This article reveals the features of integrated study of historical and literary monographic topics in the process of the future teachers of Ukrainian language and literature professional training. On the basis of analytical-synthetic and comparative methods of analysis of scientific works the main aspects of interdisciplinary integration at the content and activity levels are clarified. It is proved that historical and literary monographic topics are
fundamentally important in the course of the history of literature, but they are insufficiently elaborated from the theoretical and methodological point of view. The author of the article defined the basic principles of integration study of historical and literary monographic topics by students of the speciality of the Ukrainian language and literature at the level of content with the following disciplines “Philosophy”, “History and Culture of Ukraine”, “Psychology”. To implement interdisciplinary integration, a graphical systematizer in the form of a synchronous universal table-matrix “Historical Age: social-political, scientific, literary and artistic phenomena” is proposed.

The article represents the study of the monographic topic “Ivan Franko. Life and Creative Works” and its components: biography, general overview of creativity, study of individual works by integrating into the traditional educational process of the latest technologies: multimedia presentations with algorithmic support for their viewing. The algorithm provides various aspects of the integration study of the artist’s biography: historical, philosophical, psychological, culturological, artistic, which actualizes the knowledge of these disciplines. The general review of the writer’s creative works is proposed to be developed in the form of a network - a graphic systematizer, which reflects the hierarchical and causal relationships between the components (genera, genres, styles). Internal and subject integration between the sections of literary science of fiction is used during the study of various works of the writer. The relationship between biography and creativity is revealed in accordance with the writer’s letters, which reveal the ideas, the author’s vision of the work, which is an important addition to its analysis and interpretation.

The study focuses on analytical and synthetic work on the content and the form of the studied works through the integration of perception and
understanding belles-lettres with other kinds of arts: painting, sculpture, music, cinema, theater. The effectiveness of the integration of educational and
extracurricular educational activities is represented through description of the brain-ring “Ivan Franko in reception of a modern student of philology”
conducted by the author.

The article summarizes and publishes practical developments: methodological developments for the study of monographic topics and data on the approbation of the author’s methodology (analysis of completed tasks, learning outcomes of students). Thus, in the process of such training, future
teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature form integration-literary competence, which is an important component of their professional training.

Given the positive results of the integration study of monographic historical and literary topics, it is necessary to test this methodology in higher
educational institutions that train the future teachers of the Ukrainian language and literature. Scientific research concerning the study of monographic topics on the “History of Foreign Literature” on the basis of semantic and activity integration with the “History of Ukrainian Literature” are promising.


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Author Biography

Lilia Оvdiichuk, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University

PhD in Pedagogics, Associate
professor, doctoral student

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