Adaptation of english abbreviations in modern ukrainian language

Keywords: borrowing, anglicism, abbreviation, juxtaposition, complex noun, grammatical norm, spelling norm.


The article investigates the peculiarities of mastering abbreviations of Anglo-American origin in the modern Ukrainian language. The sound changes caused by the borrowed lexical units due to the phonetic specificity of the recipient language are determined. The word-forming potential of the studied English borrowings is characterized and new derivatives are outlined. It was found out that on the Ukrainian-language basis the letter abbreviations DJ, PR and VIP borrowed from English have undergone different degrees of lexicalization. Emphasis is also placed on the fact that in the Ukrainian lexicon DJ and PR are masculine nouns of the second declension of the solid group, as they are best adapted in the recipient language and recorded in its vocabulary as full words. In the texts of the Ukrainian mass media, the abbreviation VIP is also sometimes used as an independent word that has all the
grammatical categories of the gender, number and case of the noun. The studied English abbreviations in the Ukrainian form powerful word-forming nests, where different full parts of speech are represented. This indicates a high degree of their adaptation in the recipient language. The greatest productivity in the creation of derivatives of the studied borrowings showed morphological ways of word formation, in particular suffixation – nouns and adjectives – and juxtaposition. It is established that femininities and collective nouns with the suffix -stv(o), used in the speech of the Ukrainian mass media, were formed from the borrowings DJ and PR. It is noted that the lexical system of the modern Ukrainian language is actively supplemented by new complex nouns, in which the English abbreviations DJ, PR and VIP are the first component and express a sign of the second noun. It was found that these borrowings are freely combined during word formation both with specific Ukrainian nouns and with foreign ones. Emphasis is placed on the fact that such neolexems are not typical for the Ukrainian, in which an adjective is traditionally used to convey the sign of someone or something. It is noted that the intuitive use and ignorance of the exact interpretation of borrowed abbreviations, the semantics of their components is the cause of violation of the stylistic norm in the recipient language. As a result of the analysis of the factual material from the mass media, typical violations of the rules of the current Ukrainian spelling in the spelling of the studied abbreviations and their derivatives have been established, as well as normative variants have been recommended.


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Author Biography

Natalia Kavera, National academy of Security Service of Ukraine

Ph. D in Philology,
assistant professor

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