John Updike’s novelty and the american novel of the 50’s and 70’s of the XX century

Keywords: hipster literature, american novella, american literature, realistic prose, modernism


The development of Updike-writer was largely aided by the fact that at the beginning of his career he acted not only as a promising writer, but also a talented critic. In his essays and critical articles, a decisive role in the development of the Updike-writer was played by his collaboration with the
renowned literary magazine “New Yorker”. For almost three years (1955-1958), the American prose writer worked for this magazine, and New Yorker’s «school» traditions, which put above all the plot locality, subtle psychologism, and stylistic sound, could not but influence the formation of the Updike-novelist. In critical articles, and later with short stories in a magazine that places too high a claim on its authors, Updike was immediately recognized by American writers and literary critics as a gifted writer who repeatedly referred to the contemporary literary process.

The article focuses on the rapid development in the American literature of the 50-60’s of various directions (realism, modernism, existentialism), which
exerted a considerable influence on many contemporaries of the writer. However, the diversity of literary trends did not prevent Updike from maintaining his personality. Already at the beginning of his career, he formed his own unique view of the world, his own worldview and outlook, which was already evident in his first novels and led to the formation of an «updike» approach to eternal themes – love, marriage, family relations, unique « updike « style.


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