Ukrainian linguistic studies at the crossroad of epochs

Keywords: Ukrainian linguistics, history of formation and development, descriptive phonetic, historic phonetic, Ukrainian dialectology, historical grammar, morphology, orthography, Ukrainian literary language, normalization of language.


In the modern Ukrainian linguistics activated interest to the scientific heritage of outstanding predecessors, whose developments consciously were silenced during decades for ideological conditions. Analyze of these publications at the end of XIX – the first part of XX centuries give the possibility to highlight the pressing problems of linguistic ideas’ development in Ukrainian society, to arrange the accent on the specific of formation the actual
Ukrainian military exercises, since the perspectives of modern domestic linguistics can be resultative only in light of understanding its retrospectives.

Analysis of the history of Ukrainian linguistics the end of XIX – the first part of XX centuries were carried out by modern scientists episodically, often –
occasionally and sometimes were limited to specific personalities. Taking this, authors of the article gave such tasks before them: to work at linguistics heritage of Ukrainian scientists the end of XIX – the first part of XX centuries and to highlight the most important its aspects as a foundation for development modern scientist ideas; to analyze groundworks of modern scientists focused on questions about development of Ukrainian linguistics doctrines; to identify and summaries the tendencies of scientific developments of Ukrainian linguistics, which were reflected in the heritage of patriotic scientists the end of XIX – the first part of XX centuries.

According to the results, authors made a conclusion, that valid achievements of modern modest linguistics have bed-rock, created by predecessors, who are pride of Ukraine. Untold during the decades, today their names with flying colors are got back to the scientific revolution. These giants
of science – are authoritative scientists the end of XIX – the first part of XX centuries, with help of which the history of our language, its dialectology, phonetic, lexical, morphological, syntax doctrines, spelling ideas, apparitions of ways of rating Ukrainian language ran into us in undefaced aspect. Analysis of scientific researches of emphasized period confirmed, the widest scientific elaboration in specify period got historical phonetic and dialectology. But we should pay attention to the proper level of scientific developments from other different linguistics spheres. At the same time we should notice, that certain professional conclusions of scientists are opened to questions or sometimes are inadmissible. But any one of them on specific historic lap had great influence on the stimulation of scientists to the new researches.


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Author Biographies

Liudmyla Dovbnia, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University

Ph.D. in Philological Sciences,
Associate Professor

Tamara Tovkaylo, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University

Ph.D. in Philological Sciences,
Associate Professor

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