The historical process of changes in the methodology of studying values in the lyrical works of Ukrainian literature

Keywords: methodology of Ukrainian literature, values, axiology, didactics, pedagogy, concept.


The present article investigates and analyzes the history of elaboration the methodology of axiological study lyrics in subject didactic. The ideas of the education of students by means of the artistic word come into being around the eighteenth century, and in the first half of the twentieth century the
method of teaching Ukrainian literature proclaimed the educational process as a process of training and education. This is evidencing by the analysis of
numerous scientific works in this area. Such methodological and theoretical explorations testified the rapid growth of updating the content of literary
education and the transformation of traditional teaching by teacher of basic aspects of knowledge and values in the lessons of Ukrainian literature into their independent acquisition by students-readers.

Methodists-scientists for many years developed concepts of improving school literary education, investigated the problems of formation of national
consciousness of students, education on common values and traditions of the Ukrainian people, development of students’ reading competence, improved and updated the methods and techniques of studying literature.

The problem of students’ value orientations is closely related to the social needs and personal interests of the students, updating the mental, moral and
aesthetic development of student youth, which led to the demand for innovative methods and forms of work that the emphasis on the value education of young people.

Methodists are prefer the thoughtful system of each training session and stage of work above the composition, warning, at the same time, from the
template approach to artistic knowledge. Prominent Ukrainian methodologists have successfully developed current issues of national education and upbringing.

Given the historical process of russification of the Ukrainian people for a long time, Ukrainian school as such did not exist, so the formation of methods of teaching Ukrainian literature is based on the works of Russian methodologists, who expressed their statements about the logical, stylistic, educational and ethical and aesthetic trends in the study of literature and also the education of
high moral qualities of students by means of artistic words.


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Anna Vozhdaienko, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University


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