The artistic role of the poetic text in Ivan Kotlyarevsky’s play «Natalka Poltavka»

Keywords: poetic text, play, artistic role, inner world, relationships of heroes, social issues, philosophical meaning, Christian values, love, style.


The article is devoted to poetic texts in the play «Natalka Poltavka» by Ivan Kotlyarevsky. The poems are analyzed in terms of their place and artistic
role in the play. The author explores the texts of arias, duets, choirs in terms of content and form. Poetic texts show the personality of the characters, reveal the inner world. Thanks to the arias, we observe changes in the existence of the hero and the development of relationships between the characters. Poetry influences the speech of characters in other scenes of the work. The author notes the influence of folk art on the poetic texts in the play «Natalka Poltavka». The songs depict public life in Ukraine, violate social issues. Poetic texts have a philosophical meaning. The researcher observed the motive of fate as leading. The songs elevate the principles of Christian morality. The value of true sincere love is at the heart of poetry in I. Kotlyarevsky’s play, Natalka Poltavka. The researcher explains the stylistic features of poetic texts that are characteristic of the literary directions of Baroque, sentimentalism, and Enlightenment. The author interprets the dialogue between poetic texts, treats them in various contexts.

Poetry sets a beautiful, folk-written intonation to the play’s artistic speech. Vocal numbers help you understand the inner world of the character performing the music number. Poetry reveals a person’s state of mind. In arias, the character gradually opens his «I», aria is a psychological self-portrait of the character. The song prepares for a sharp change of style, a new turn in the plot of the work, participation in events of a new character. The duets express conflict, convey the characters’ positions, their feelings and aspirations. Poetic texts have signs of baroque, sentimentalism, enlightenment, which enriches the style of the work. The songs broaden the play’s issues, and the author’s critical view of modern society is observed. The researcher notes the talent of poetic texts in I. Kotlyarevsky’s play. Proven thoughtful arrangement of songs, analysis of the relationship between musical numbers, investigated the power lines (emotional, intellectual-philosophical, journalistic-social) that emerge between poetic lyrics. Poetry gives a philosophical sense to the love-social drama. Poetic texts convey the conclusions of aesthetic, philosophical, moral and ethical content. Music numbers express the beauty of love – on the highest register, love is true, strong, self-sacrificing.


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Hanna Tokman, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University

Doctor in Pedagogics,

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