Influence of I. Kotliarevskyi’s dramaturgy on the development of the 19thcentury Ukrainian theater

Keywords: dramaturgy, theater, genre, characters, educational realism, national characters, conflict, traditions, innovation, roles.


The article is devoted to the study of I. Kotliarevskyi’s dramaturgy, which was developed on the traditions of the Ukrainian culturological plan and was innovative in the use of plot and visual creative means. In particular, the author paid attention to the influence of his works on the development of the XIX century Ukrainian theater, the expanding of the repertoire and the emergence of new genres. The traditions of the national characters embodiment, the use of folklore, the combination of educational realism and romanticism were also emphasized. The tendency, established by the author of «Natalka Poltavka», determined the general trend of Ukrainian dramaturgy and theater of the XIX century, directed its followers to realism.

Special attention was paid to H. Kvitka-Osnovianenko’s dramaturgy, whose comedies introduced a living folk language into the theatrical action, became the impulse to create Ukrainian theater with ethnographic elements and music. The author’s innovation in the creation of the first tragic play «True Love» in the Ukrainian theater repertoire was noted.

Taking into account T. Shevchenko’s ideological and aesthetic views, the article considered the historical and everyday life drama «Nazar Stodolia», which despite the traditional conflict and a certain romantic melodramatics became an innovative phenomenon in the dramaturgy of the time due to the reflection of historical atmosphere, Cossack traditions and Cossacks stratification.

In the context of I. Kotliarevskyi’s dramaturgy influence, the article considered certain imitations of his plays by young M. Kropyvnytskyi in the early period of his work, in particular it is noticeable in vaudevilles and the melodrama «Give the will to one’s heart, it’ll lead one to captivity».


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