Anti-colonial ideas on the pages of the founder of new Ukrainian literature

Keywords: anti-colonial ideas, new Ukrainian literature, preromanticism, burlesque, travesty, allegory.


Ukrainian literature of the second half of the the 18h – early 19th centuries was marked by a creative search for the artists of the word to express anti-colonial ideas in national literature. Important in the literary process at the time is the work of Ivan Kotlyarevsky, the founder of new ukrainian literature. The author creates a multi-level work of art – a burlesque-travesty poem «Aeneid», giving him a deep state-making implication and anti-colonial content. In the literary work of the artist words are skillfully combined everyday and fantastic elements, reality and beliefs, appeal to folklore and historiography of the native people, which testifies to the tendency to preromantic tendencies. This model of creation of the literary process testified to the level of education and mobility of the nascent creative intelligentsia, which gravitated towards European culture. The poem «Aeneid», as the founder of new Ukrainian literature, at the same time demonstrated the process of imitation of anti-colonial ideas, born on the classicist-baroque soil (I. Mazepa, G. Hrabianka, S. Velychko, P. Orlyk, G. Konyskyi , I. Polityka, G. Skovoroda, S. Divovych, V. Kapnist). Keeping in touch with the artistic traditions of earlier eras, the artist of the wordorganically combined old and new literature, an era of rhetorical artistic laws and a new aesthetic understanding of literary creativity as national expression. Embodiment of liberty in allegorical images of the Cossacks-Trojans, depiction of the defects of the society of the time by the reflection of ancient gods, description of the national life and culture of ukrainians of the the 18h – century through the prism of revealing the literary means and the tropes of poetic speech, the appeal to the image of the broad layers of our compatriots in a lively vernacular - testified to the novelty of I. Kotlyarevsky’s artistic skill. The poet believed that language and literature were the basis of the historical and modern life of the people, their national culture and literary heritage. The use of short and dynamic lines, an easy and transparent 4-foot iamb, emphasizing the jocularity of the content of the work - helped the author to gloss over the natural signs of vitality, optimism and courage of the Cossack descendants, which was aimed at the inspirational revival of national and spiritual forces of the native people in opposition to the colonial policy of the Russian Empire.


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Yuliia Velychkovska, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University


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