Peculiarities of the artistic and speech organization of poem «The Aeneid» by I. Kotlyarevsky

Keywords: poem, artistic language, vocabulary, tropes, stylistic figures, humor, comism, burlesque.


The article notes the peculiarities of speech and speech organization of the poem «The Aeneid» at the level of four spheres of artistic language: lexical, idiomatic (tropics), syntactic (stylistic figures) and sound (phonecos). It is found that due to the burlesque style of the work, the writer uses vulgarism, macaroni and Tarabar languages in his poem. Researchers point to a large number of archaisms in the work, including the designation of outdated clothing names. It is proved that the use of the names of the elements of masculine and feminine outdated items allowed I. Kotlyarevsky to depict the historical color and everyday conditions of social life of that time. In addition, the names of the clothes used by the writer reflect the social differentiation of the Ukrainian population of the first half of the nineteenth century. I. Kotlyarevsky uses various means of contextually-synonymous expression of speech, among which the most common are comparisons, epithets, metaphorical expressions. It is emphasized that to enhance the humorous sound of the work, the author of «The Aeneid» used a variety of stylistic figures. Most often, the artist resorts to the amplification, enhancement of characteristics, supplementation and enrichment of thought through the accumulation of homogeneous linguistic means. The sound organization of the poem is characterized by a conversational intonation peculiar not only to the author but also to the characters. The verbal imagery reproduces the writer’s national outlook, his connection with the moods of the era and the mentality of Ukrainians.


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Yulia Brodiuk, Pereiaslav-Khmelnytsky Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University

Ph.D. in Philological Sciences,
senior lecturer

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