The problems of students-philologists’ professional training

Keywords: student-philologist, professional training, professionalism, quality of education, pedagogical activity, modernization of a university education


The article states that the modernization of the higher education system in Ukraine is aimed at substantially updating the goals, content, methods and forms of organization of educational activities in institutions of general secondary education. A modern teacher faces a number of tasks, the success of which depends primarily on the professional development of the individual, his activity in mastering professional activities. According to this, the problem of preparing future teachers of philology becomes more and more relevant, which includes not only the totality of knowledge about professionally oriented disciplines and their practical use in pedagogical activity, but also certain requirements apply to personal qualities.

To say about social and economic changes in society, one of the important tasks of the educational industry is the reform of pedagogical education, designed for the training of a highly skilled teacher who has a system of professional knowledge and skills, familiar with the latest achievements and scientific and pedagogical discussions at the national and world levels, seeks to constant self-development and self-perfection, a highly enlightened person, able to rebuild the direction and content of teaching activity, to show professionalism in the new conditions. Modernization of university education needs to improve the traditional system of professional training of students of philology and the emergence of new approaches to teaching school subjects.

At the current stage of open access to any information, the professionalism of a teacher is determined by the content of knowledge, the ability to convey it in a way that facilitates interaction, discussion, dialogue, and argumentation. From this it follows that, along with knowledge of scientific facts, knowledge of the best ways, methods, and means of educational activity is necessary, which in turn, will facilitate the effective assimilation of the students of the educational material.

The basis of the professional teacher’s training of the XXI century: is developing component, education of a person who is capable of self-education, self-development; is able to think critically, process information, use acquired knowledge, ability to solve creative problems; is aware of his responsibility, constantly works on personal and professional growth; is able to achieve the set goals.

One of the important tasks of pedagogical science and practice is the search for an effective education system that meets the needs of socio-economic, cultural development of society, helped the student self-determination, self-realization in the social and cultural environment.


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Nataliya Yuriychuk, SHEE «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

Ph. D in Pedagogics, Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor at the Chair for Ukrainian Linguistics and Methods of Education

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