Patriotic education at French school

Keywords: patriotic upbringing, patriotism, nationalism, chauvinism, education system, school, eurointegration, French republic, unitary state, multicultural environment, self-identification


In this article we analyze the concepts of «patriot» and «patriotism» and investigate the evolution of their perception by French society. For a long time the French intellectuals, traditionally inclined to leftist ideas, preferred do not distinguish such concepts as «patriotism», «nationalism» and «chauvinism», where the latter two were consistently extremely negative in both scientific and political discourse. The stereotypes that existed for patriotic education in French pedagogical science were considered. The history and current situation in education of patriotic features and qualities at the educational institutions of France were studied in the paper., The place which this branch of education occupies among other components of French civic education was determined. The positive changes in attitude of French society to the concept of «patriotism» that appeared in recent years were observed and discussed the causes of this phenomenon. The latest trends in the educational process of the French school on strengthening the role of patriotic upbringing, its accentuation among other types of the general block of civic education, were analyzed. The relevance and prospects of research in France are explained by the strategic European integration guidelines, elected by Ukrainian society and by the fact that our countries face similar challenges related to the problems of youth self-identification and a somewhat passive, wait-and-see, consumer attitude, inherent in a large part of them in attitude to their homeland. France clearly and unambiguously presents itself as a unitary monocultural monolingual state, historically formed and existing on the basis of a single title French nation. Therefore, anyone who already has or claims to have French citizenship is expected to respect the history, traditions, culture, authorities and the laws of the French Republic. Nevertheless, this country is forced, especially in recent times, to resolve the numerous problems that constantly arise in connection with the struggle for their rights of various ethnic and cultural minorities. The brief information on the main principles, forms and methods of patriotic education in the French school is given and the trends in their improvement are analyzed.


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Author Biography

Mykola Shabinskyi, Volodymyr Dahl East Ukrainian National University

Ph. D in Pedagogics, Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor at the Chair of German-Romance Philology and Translation

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