Innovative acceptance as a means of senior pupils’ democratic values formation

Keywords: democratic values, methods, techniques, critical thinking, innovative techniques


The article deals with the teaching of Ukrainian programmatic romantics on a democratic axiological basis. It is argued that literary education plays a special role in the formation of young Ukrainian citizens who are aware of the need to develop the Motherland as a democratic, legal, civilized state, which will be respected in the world. Therefore, the question arises of developing an effective methodological system that will ensure the formation of democratic values in senior pupils. The programmatic Ukrainian novels display the following democratic values: citizenship and citizenship, statehood, priority of national interests, human and national dignity, tolerance, moral autonomy, social and legal security, freedom of speech and conscience, justice, responsibility.

It is emphasized that the motive of democratic values is one of the leading in the works of Ukrainian novelists, and reading each program work on Ukrainian literature should direct students to the adoption of such values in society. The author suggests methods and techniques that are appropriate for the formation of a domestically-valuable component of the senior pupils’ literary competence and particularly effective among them is the innovative methods of teaching Ukrainian literature.

The article gives examples of the use of some innovative techniques in the lessons of Ukrainian romantic studies. The most effective among the above-mentioned methods is the discussion and its types, creation of creative works and project activity. These techniques, according to the author, are useful in every lesson in the formation of democratic values of senior pupils.

Students in their conclusions rely on facts, try to justify their thoughts. Therefore, such techniques teach students to think democratically.


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Author Biography

Liliia Sulimova, SHEE «Pereiaslav-Khmelnitskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

Post-graduate student at the Ukrainian and Foreign Literature and Teaching Methods Department

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