Speech competenсe is in context educational paradigm of future educator

Keywords: competence approach, language of personality’s, speech activity, language and communicative competence, speech competence, common (CC), special (SC), integrated competence (IC)


The article highlights the substantial essence the element’s significance and its phenomenon. Author analyzed various approaches to definition of concepts: «speech competence», «competence», proved complexity of their natural likeness, it is outlined and described a methodical approach to the ways of personality’s language competence. The theoretical fundamentals the development of the communicative competence are grounded in the article. The extent of mastering speech competence reflects a professional and personal level of development of the expert, and competence takes a special place among components of linguistic education: is an important link between language competence and communicative competence of the personality’s. Concepts determination common (CC), special (SC), integrated (IC) competence discipline «Culture of speech and expressive reading». The article contains the analysis of approaches to definition of competence and professional integrity and their diversity. Speech competence characterizes a level of development of the language personality, is a result of development of speech activity by the person, initiates it and is at the same time improved in this activity because it is a basis of communication and evolves in the course of communication. Author focused the attention on that it is necessary to study that in a complex. The article deals with one of the options for the structure of competences for the particular discipline. Linguists consider speech competence as ability to create and understand various types of a discourse and therefore call speech competence discursive. In article the author gave specified definition of speech competence which consists in free practical possession of the speech in the let language, ability to speak is correct, fluently and dynamically both in dialogue, and in the form of a monologue, it is good to understand the heard and readable speech, including ability to make and understand the speech in any functional style. Language competence, speech practice of communication, large volume of reading literature of different genres causes communicative competence. Substantiation of necessity of formation of speech competence of the graduate of any higher education institution, and pedagogical in particular, as one of key because it causes, on the one hand, personal development, and on the other, a level of development of society as a whole.


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Author Biography

Olga Stepanova, Rivne State Humanitarian University

Candidate of Philological Sciences (PhD), Associate Professor at the Department of Pedagogy and Psychology (Preschool and Corrective)

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