Text as a means of senior pupils’ key and subject competence formation in the process of studying the Ukrainian language morphology at profile level

Keywords: text, competency approach, key competences, subject competence, research tasks


The article analyzes the effectiveness of the texts usage in the process of learning the Ukrainian language morphology at the profile level as a means of forming students’ key and subject competence. On the grounds of linguodidactics scientific works and study of the scholars-verbal speakers’ experience, it was concluded that working with the text develops students’ ability of using theoretical knowledge in a practical plane, as well as a prerequisite for the formation students’ cognitive and creative activity, facilitates the implementation of linguistic studies and observations on morphological units. As convinced by the teachers’ practical experience, in the process of teaching morphology at the profile level, work on the text is carried out systematically, which contributes to the ability to perceive, understand what they have heard or read, to explain its content, to formulate the opinion, express it in oral or written form. We define the text as a leading means of learning the Ukrainian language morphology, given that the text enables students to understand the grammatical level of the language and to learn the grammatical norms, since it illustrates the rules of communicatively expedient use of morphological units in different contexts. For the teacher, it is also important that the text allows students to offer a range of grammatical tasks that are problematic when the task is built on the material of words, phrases, or individual sentences. The results of our study suggest that performing such tasks is not only an effective means of assimilating the Ukrainian language morphology at the profile level in the conditions of the new Ukrainian school, but also directing students to dialogue, contributing to the development of search and cognitive activity of all participants in the educational process. In our opinion, conscious learning of morphology in conjunction with spelling is aimed at the formation of spelling skills, therefore, we consider the ability to compare ancient and modern morphological forms as an equally important factor in the formation of spelling norms as an equally important factor in the formation of the subject competence of students. the study of morphology involves a large number of rules relating to the spelling of words, the assimilation of which requires not only intensive linguistic practice, but historical commentary for their deeper comprehension Learning and assimilation. Thus, learning the Ukrainian language morphology on a textual basis is aimed at forming the key and substantive competences of senior students, accelerating the activation of students’ mental activity, attracting students to planning and organizing their activities, self-control and self-evaluation.


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Author Biography

Alla Oliynyk, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Phd-Student, Department of Ukrainian Language, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, a teacher of the Ukrainian language school of І-ІІІ degrees № 9 in Kiev

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