Axiological learning of Mykola Voroniy’s poetry in high school

Keywords: art, modernism, symbolism, axiology, philosophy, allusion, worldview, ideal, beauty, musicality


The article is intended for the methodology of teaching in the senior classes of the works of Ukrainian poet, publicist, play writer – Mykola Voronуi. Роеt is an unusual figure in Ukrainian culture. To make sure of this, it’s enough to remember that he was a poet, translator, critic, historian of literature, publicist, actor, director, editor, researcher of the national theater, world and national dramaturgy, public figure. He defended his work with the idea of the need for modernization of Ukrainian literature, its orientation towards Europe. He is one of the first to introduce the theme of the city in the lyric poetry, adopts a number of traditional motifs of European poetry, where opposition to poetic spirituality and everyday life, affirms the unremitting desire of man to beauty, light, comprehension of space. M.Voronyi was well versed in European literature, seeking an organic combination of the best traditions of European lyric poetry with innovative searches. The high culture of the poem, the attempt to reach the artistic poetic peaks, to enrich the Ukrainian lyrics with new motives and images, put M.Voronyi in the first round of the customs innovators of modern times – next to LesyaUkrainka, O.Oles, M.Rylsky, P.Tychyna, Ye.Pluzhnik, Ye.Malanyuk. Poet is original in his artistic style. His works are exciting for us, they are fascinated, because they are masterpieces of Ukrainian symbolism. The poet is looking for new theme sand ways of their realization, raises important moral, ethical and social problem in poetry works. His artistic word call severy one toup lift spirituality, not to be in different, «slugg is hand sick» in solving actual problems. The artistis convinced that them motives of the lyrics, connected with spirituality, «draw the burden of life and in spire the soul of paradise», because such creativity is felt by the heart. Attention is focused on characterizing the main aspects of the poetry world of the artist, the assignment of the author to the literary direction and the example of poetry «Infanta» in upbringing students to the value of art. Also textual analysis and the intertextuality of poetry are revealed.


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Anna Vozhdaenko, SHEE «Pereiaslav-Khmelnytskyi Hryhorii Skovoroda State Pedagogical University»

Postgraduate of Ukrainian and Foreign Literature and Teaching Methods Department

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